About Serena Y. Hsi (a/k/a mktgurl)

In the course of a career, you get to do many things for many different types of companies. Some experiences are more memorable than others and are worth writing about. I have been very fortunate to have stayed in the same profession for all these years. My experience is a healthy blend of agency and client-side marketing, and independent marketing consulting.

Marketing is my life and passion. Even though it isn't what I studied in school at the undergrad or graduate level, I enjoy doing it a lot, reading about it, learning about new business models, and writing about the silliness of what goes on in the marketing world. What I'm really interested in is bucking the trend, monetizing every marketing aspect that fits an entity's business model, and making recycled electrons perform hat tricks to new and diverse audiences.

I have always believed that the difference between consumer and business marketing is impact you have on the volume of revenue that is brought into the company. Unlike print ads that have to be planned, designed, and scheduled months in advance of an insertion schedule; e-mail and web marketing are cost-effective ways to promote products, technology enhancements, and send news to valued customers on a frequent basis.

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Disclaimer: This blog represents my opinions and on occasion, opinions of others. However, no opinions expressed on this site are representative of past, current, or future employers.

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