Google Analytics + Google Data Studio

Saw a promo email for Data Studio today and thought I'd check it out...

Google Data Studio: Start Here page

One of the help files for this web tool reads as follows..

"A Data Studio report is a collection of components that inform the viewer using data derived from one or more data sources. Components include charts, annotations (text), and graphical elements (shapes and images). Data Studio components can be styled and configured to present exactly the view of your data you want. Data sources get their data from a data set, such as a Google Analytics view, a Google Sheet, a BigQuery table, etc."

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think Google is trying to get onto even ground with Salesforce Dashboards. None of this point and click setup is all that hard; nor too complicated to understand. I don't think user adoption would be that big of an issue for companies. It  also looks like Google is competing with Tableau's ability to aggregate and visualize data.

Google Data Studio - Data Viz of World Population (orange),
Internet Users (blue), and Mobile Subscriptions (yellow)
The intro email says it succinctly:

"No more requests for data. No more emailing around CSV files and spreadsheets. No more static and outdated reports. Finally, a reporting solution that works the way you work."

It was rather amusing that we were doing just that in a corporate setting, mucking around with CSV exports and spreadsheets to get a report to look the way we wanted it to. 

Spot on, Google Analytics team.
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