Amazon: Resizeable Inline Video

I log in fairly regularly to Amazon to purge my Kindle of its expired borrowed library items. But today, wow. I am flabbergasted at the video display ad Amazon has on its front page. I am sure Amazon is working some cookie magic on the back end for this new UI display. 

Ok, what caught my eye was a short clip of a woman wearing a blue dress, except it wasn't static nor choppy like a GIF. Actually, it looked like one of those in-screen presenters you see on some webinars; except she's modeling a dress and the dress moves! Or, she was slow dancing, who knows.
2016-08-23 Amazon Homepage
Looks good on Windows 10 desktop. I don't think I'd have the same shopping experience with their mobile app.

Personally, I would not have dedicated so much space to a secure login in the pre-login startup screen on Amazon's main homepage. But, it gets worse and it's probably a not-yet-fixed bug feature. Both login buttons (top and body left) open to a giant blank screen with Amazon's characteristic login box; except, there is zero branding on the page. No headers, no footers, and heck no header logo. Imagine a blank white web page featuring just a login box. Not even WordPress looks this minimalist.
Way to go Amazon.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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