Where's Astro Now?

This Salesforce campaign is quite a bit more elaborate than the Cloak of Adventure quest. The marketing group that put this together included a lot more engaging content to help you on your way to finding Astro. The language is playful and the goal remains as simple as ever: do x achieve y.

In this case, we are learning about the ability to tag contacts with geolocation data: longitude and latitude. Once these fields are created and if you are going to import/export data, you must use the same format for longitude/latitude should you get around to using it to manage your sales territories. You can't mix and match geolocation data sets. You must use the same nomenclature and format. Just a FYI.
Your mission should you decide to accept it...
While I still have yet to complete building my Battle Station console (I got lost part way and I can't figure out the errors I'm getting), these later adventures that Salesforce is putting out is a fine method of helping customers retain training knowledge.. in a learn by doing series of steps.

Applying for and obtaining a Salesforce developer account is independent of being a Salesforce customer. If you didn't already know this, now you do.

I wanted an Astro sticker for completing this mission. Sadly, I'll just have to do with her picture badge.
Salesforce's Astro

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