MTM Organic Traffic

Traffic to my food blog is driven mostly from organic searches on Google search. There are some outliers to that data set and I'm beginning to think that my GA dashboard is flawed, my understanding of GA metrics is flawed, or something else is flawed. Mostly, this is because I don't do any paid search, SEO, or white/black/grey hat SEM for my food blog. 

Just this year I started looking at referrals from social platforms -- currently accounts for a tiny speck of traffic from Twitter and Pinterest, far less than 1% of all session traffic.

Consider this data slice which looks at organic traffic between Feb and March of this year:

2016 MTM Organic Traffic - The Foodening Blog
As far as pie charts go, this appears harmless enough. You can't take data at its face value without context.

Most of the food blog's referral traffic comes from a handy blog plugin called LinkWithin (shows related posts that users can click onto for additional content on the blog). The acquisition traffic chart is better for understanding where users actually came from:
2016 Acquisition Traffic - The Foodening Blog
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