Cloak of Adventure Campaign via Salesforce Trailhead

Of all the community engagement sites that I've participated in, the Salesforce Trailhead site is the most amusing. Kudos to the teams that put this together. 

Last summer, Salesforce offered free developer access to their Salesforce platform. This was great because it gives access to learn more about the platform from the admin side; plus learning opportunities for different levels of SFDC usage (basic, admin, and developer).

The Cloak of Adventure quest starts harmlessly enough through a Trailhead branded email invite:
2016-01 SFDC Email Invite - Trailhead Badge Contest
Engagement is simple. Enroll in the contest (via Pardot web contact form). Complete training modules (a mix of multiple choice questions or performing setup steps within SFDC developer edition). Earn badges. Once you meet the contest requirements, a second email is sent asking for your mailing address details (also fulfilled using Pardot).

Easy. Simple. And, a quick way to engage users in SFDC's self-service training modules.

Free swag from Salesforce? Yes please.
Salesforce Trailhead autoresponder page using Pardot

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