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The other top competitor in the Home Improvement space is Lowes. I thought I'd take a peek at their site nav as well between what the site thinks is my local store (based on browser history) and what happens when I try to look at the local ads. - Default Store Location Based on Browser
As it turns out, there are no local ads for the default local store-based-on-browser history and an interstitial message briefly shows up saying there are no ads for the default local store before redirecting to the default local store ad, in Lowes' case, is a store in North Carolina. - Weekly Ads of the Browser-Based Location
As you can see in this example, Lowes doesn't have their act together either. If you really wanted to rollout a national ad campaign, you should have a national ad and then add-on with whatever the region dictates, in terms of plants appropriate to the region's season and climate zones.
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