Contact Curation

Once a year I glean through my entire roster contacts on LinkedIn and push people off the island. It's not a long list and I do like to stay in contact with people. Perhaps this is due to the marketer in me. Usually it's people who have done one of the following things:

  • Not made a post, comment, or share by social media, email, phone or mail
  • Recruiters who have not done the above
  • Connections I have never met in real life who do the above
The exception to this are those I've added to my LinkedIn roster because they have a skill or expertise I want to know more about (e.g., I met this Caucasian guy who is fluent in Mandarin whose role is to mitigate between domestic US and foreign subsidiaries.. that is very, very cool), I want to meet them some day, or their company makes something awesome and meeting their CEO or founders would make a great memory; or I met them in person and they would make a fantastic connection.

It's hard to tell who you can connect to based on LinkedIn settings. I don't mind writing referrals for people who are connected to me to their 2nd degree contacts. I do mind getting pinged by invite hoarders. People whose claim to fame on LinkedIn is 5000+ contacts on LinkedIn. I think you're just setting yourself up for a lot of spam if you do that. Just how many people connections do you need to become a rain maker? Would these connections want to refer business to you?

Having never made a LinkedIn article post, it bugs me that my profile has 500+ followers, most of whom I'm not even connected to on a 1st degree basis. I'm not sure how LinkedIn came up with this feature. Maybe you automatically follow someone if you comment on their shared links or posts.
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