LinkedIn: Profile Suggestions

At this rate, I won't even have to think about what to add to my profile to get the extended network to click onto it. Looks like a new "analytics" rollout from LinkedIn that shows you a little bit more about "Who's viewed your profile". Seriously, I don't think I'd get "up to 3%" more views per click that I add to the profile. Seems like a lot of the suggested skills aren't skills but keyword phrases used by my peers in the management consulting industry. This is almost as bad as getting a skill recommendation from someone who behaves online as a 2nd or 3rd degree connection. What do you think?
2014-02-12, LinkedIn Profile View Suggestions
The view for updated stats available to basic accounts has been upgraded. This is what it looks like now instead of the former tiny line chart and a raw number count.
2014-02-12, LinkedIn Profile Views Dashboard

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