About.Me - Push My Buttons

The only time I hit the website is when I see it featured on a new acquaintance's LinkedIn profile or business card. While I get an occasional product update email from, I hardly take the time to look at it in detail. What gets me tickled is that my profile ( has gotten 1,190 profile views. This is significantly more than what I get on LinkedIn where I actively manage the profile. How people find me is a mystery. I don't advertise this profile url much. It's tied to Google+ and Facebook. Other than that, I don't expect social engagers from either social platform to refer traffic to

What does is the same as Vizify, a non-portfolio-centric view of yourself. I suppose you could go route, but why bother when other comparable alternatives exist with far better tools and frills.

The connectivity content push has never been easier than now for end-users of these services. easy steps to add links to a profile has simplified the act of typing with its quick button-oriented profile add-ons. Does it work for you?
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