Google Takeout

Looks like Google is pulling the cord on its RSS Reader. It isn't as bad as it sounds. There are plenty of other RSS readers out there. Frankly, their RSS works a lot better than say Google News which I wish offered more customization. If you have a lot of subscriptions that you keep up on, say between the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, or the various food or business sections of other major newspapers, keyword or new blog post alerts, Google's other lesser known service Google Takeout lets you download an XML archive of your subscriptions and feed settings.

Takeout isn't limited to just the reader, you could download a backup of Google Drive, Blogger, Picasa, or Youtube for example.

To access Takeout, simply access one of Google's web services, say from Google Reader:

Go to Settings / Reader Settings / select the Import/Export tab

Then click onto the link below which reads: Download your data through Takeout
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