Real-time Crowd-sourced Incident Dashboard

Because the stakes are high (loss of life, financial disruption, loss of property), many countries, cities, and private citizens have devoted time and resources into developing this global network of seismic tracking and archiving.

It would be great if an easy-to-use interactive dashboard for businesses tracked activities such as real-time sales pipeline flow, new product activation or purchases, campaign effectiveness, budget vs actual spends, etc. The visualization below is from the USGS and it tracks all earthquakes that happen around the world. It can be filtered to show either all magnitudes or 2.5 M and above, and within the last 7 or 30 days. And, this map display has evolved over the past several years to what it is today. There is a beta mobile version of it, though it doesn't seem to spew out useful data to a casual observer. 

USGS: real-time display of 2.5M earthquakes
While there aren't major fault lines running through the Pacific northwest like in California, this regional display (click to view) shows where earthquakes have occurred in the last two weeks.

Interested in other data projects from the USGS? Here are a few more links that show how the earthquake data is crowd-sourced:

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