Coffee and Soda

The Atlantic reports that soda sales in the US are in a free fall, down 40%, while coffee sales have surged up by 50%. This is not surprising given the health backlash from consumers about sugary drinks; except coffee drinks don't have the same stigmas attached.

There are parts of that article that I did find peculiar. For starters, there's a bit about market share and consumer age. I wondered how many 13 yr olds it took to become a statistically significant data point. There are 14.3% of them (in the age group 13-24) that consume coffee drinks. And, there's no mention about the study or the survey size used. The National Coffee Association does track this, and in their study (or at least the preview of it) for 2012, roughly 3,000 adults in the US were surveyed about their coffee drinking habits, but the age cut-off is 18 or older. There's more about coffee drinking statistics at SBDCNet, a clearinghouse for consumer research.

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