Asus Taichi Ultrabook

This looks promising. My Acer netbook experienced its first black screen of death last night and I had to use my other more powerful dinosaur to create a bios boot on a flash drive. The only noticeable spec difference between the two models for the Taichi is battery life, 5 hrs vs 8 hrs. I like that it has a solid state drive. Though, 128 gb seems paltry compared to my netbook's 400 gb. It would be sweet to deliver a presentation on it without having to turn the laptop around to an audience.
[Update: 2013-04] I went to a Microsoft Store to check it out and quite literally, the unit felt and looked as though someone had slapped an ultrabook and a touch tablet together. To make it worse, when you open the unit like a laptop, the touch screen is on the other side of the viewing screen. Both screens are not touch capable, only the tablet side is, which makes using Windows 8 really uncomfortable. I am not going to swipe with a mouse, tyvm.
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