A Viscountess Salutation

I came across Craghoppers, a UK-based adventure travel clothing company, when visiting with avid travel friends in California this past winter. Whether your passion for travel is for exploring the outdoors or simply wanting to do so in style and comfort, Craghoppers is one of the few manufacturers whose clothing lines do both. Sure, you could cite other US clothing manufacturers that offer competitive products, but when it comes right down to it, there are just a handful who can do at a price point that doesn't turn you into a one-time buyer.

But, this post is about Craghopper's email marketing, which was very amusing when signing up for it. I wonder just how many ordinary citizens enjoy seeing non-standard salutations on their email or postal mail from this company. I would be curious to see what the peak and average transaction value per salutation segmentation this company gets. email sign-up form

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