Before I started working in downtown Bellevue, I had to find where to park near my workplace before I was issued a parking pass for my building's parking lot. The high end of the downtown parking scale is $24/day and the Civica parking garage next door gouges you for $18/day. The low end of parking downtown is free at either the mall or Safeway's parking structure, roughly a half mile walk. There's also the Bellevue Transit Center which is two blocks north, which doesn't have a route that passes near where I live. At the moment, the only option I have is to commute via driving into work.

I stumbled upon the Parkopedia website and it is very cleverly done. The site allows you find parking lots, public and private parking garages, and parking meter-enforced spaces.

Here is a sample map and listing of downtown Bellevue:

Parkopedia Map - Downtown Bellevue WA

Address Listings, Available Duration, and Price

There's even another service listed on the site for, where users can find a house or private garage to park a vehicle at, for a fee of course. There's not much action on the eastside. This is more useful for homes and garages near a metro airport, train station, or transit center.
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