Pardot: My first drip test

Probably the most bothersome of this whole affair is the waiting. Pardot's drip campaign setup requires you to put in a minimum 1 day (can't do partial days, hours, or minute settings) between when a user is sent an email and opens or clicks. For every open or click, add another day to your test cycle. For brevity, this test only uses two email templates. While I could have Pardot do more complicated actions, I don't want to have to delete or reset my test addresses in Salesforce, so these actions just trigger the Pardot side of the data.

Having four unique-by-content templates (video, case study, webinar, and general) for persona nurturing is a lot better (Thanks Kate!) than setting up 40 unique templates. Except, to start the personas, I'll have to create at least three sets of eight persona content pieces. Each set would include body content, a video placeholder image and a video link, and a unique call to action.

The drip report display is a big step up from what you could get out of Silverpop's EngageB2B product (and much cleaner too) which shows how many prospects are in each section of the drip.

Pardot - Sample Drip Progress

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