Death of a Brand Name

Kraft Foods, a company and brand that has been around since 1903, is throwing in the towel with its 100+ year legacy for its flagship name for something completely bizarre. I should clarify that Kraft is still around, except it won't be branding its snack foods under the flagship name. Kraft's flagship products include brands such as Cadbury, Maxwell House, Nabisco, Oreo, Oscar Meyer, Philadelphia, Trident and Tang. Part of this name, ticker, and branding split is to protect the larger branded assets (mostly the grocery category) from the volatility of the snack foods category, which has faced a lot of regulatory and agricultural pressure lately. The new name for the snack foods entity will be Mondelez International Inc. (NASDAQ:MDLZ, as of Oct 1, 2012).

Seeking Alpha has a pretty good by-the-numbers breakdown of how this company and stock split will affect investors. Read more?
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