Chobani Market Share

Greek yogurt is as Greek as french fries are from France. Greek yogurt is a style of strained yogurt which has the consistency and flavor of whole milk yogurt; both of which have more protein per serving than their 1% or nonfat counterparts. I've had the opportunity to eat real Greek yogurt in Greece, so, I must say that all American-made yogurt pale in comparison. Some notable stats about yogurt:

  • $7.6 billion: US yogurt industry in 2011
  • 93%: average additional cost of Greek vs non-Greek yogurt
  • 5 years: projected market gain of Chobani as a $1 billion business
  • 25%: Chobani's market share in the US
  • 2007: Chobani started selling yogurt cups at a grocery store in NY
Chobani has run only one ad campaign and relies heavily on word-of-mouth and social media buzz. While yogurt is marketed to a broad audience, women are the primary consumers who account for 63% of grocery sales.

Source: Steinmetz, Katy. "Smooth Operator: How Chobani spread Greek yogurt across America", Time, 2012-06-25, pp. 70-71
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