Review: Knowing Your Value

I've been on this binge with the public library and checked out a lot of books on topics that I thought I'd never get around to reading. I just finished Mika Brzezinski's Knowing Your Value

5 things learned from reading this book:
  • Leadership is gender-neutral.
  • When negotiating a salary or raise, do your research and know what you're worth.
  • Don't get emotional (Men don't. Why should you?).
  • Don't work twice as hard as men. It's apparently from the 235 years of income disparity between men and women that this work ethic and strategy has never worked to propel women to the top 1%. (I made that one up. Not in the book.)
  • Women hold other women to much tougher standards than men in the workplace.
Last year the NY Times had an article about the gender pay gap and women have not made much progress with wage parity. It is interesting to note about the 2009 data set that Arkansas and North Carolina have the highest (88%), or rather smallest disparity between men and women. Is it a cultural difference? Are the industries different? What about the demographic mix within those industries? 

Anyhow, back to the book. Mika takes insight from other top-level business women and integrates what they say about how women get in their own way and the interpersonal roadblocks they face in the workplace. It's more than just the choices, behaviors, language and mindsets that are holding women back from earning their potential. It all comes down to you and how you perceive your own worth and value in the workplace; and how you communicate that to your manager in a way that doesn't make a woman feel threatened or a man feel insecure. *laugh* That sums it up.

As my mom says, politics is when two people get together. But, that topic is for another post.
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