At age 102, get targeted for age 65+

Based on Yahoo profile information and other clever marketing tactics, this would explain how I had gotten onto AARP's postal mailing list. The retired and elderly are sent morbid publications. Brochures for funeral and cremation services, cemetery plots, and hearing aid ads are just the starters. Back in 2004 when I created a primary Yahoo mail account, I may have fux0red on the birthday question. Peeking at my profile info, it says "born in January 1909". *laugh* How much should you glean from a user's profile for marketing promotions anyways, and should you treat all the user-input fields at face value? 

What is interesting to note about Yahoo's ad targeting engine is their data table for IP address location lookups. It seems to be a bit b0rked. France, really? If Yahoo's targeting is off by an entire continent for what seems to be an elementary use of scripting code, would you trust them with your geo-targeted ad content and budget?

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