a short url for a G+ profile

Thank goodness for third party app devs. If it weren't for them, we would probably have to type more characters than normal, like whole words and real sentences.

Here is mine:

Create your own here:

Need a G+ invite? I can probably hook you up with one if the invite feature stays up. The site seems pretty fragile at the moment. Up, down, up, down. This is what happens when you rush a product out the door.

A stranger added me to his circle; although I can't tell if they are a he or she. I promptly used the "block user" feature. I can imagine that when G+ goes off beta, managing all those random circle adds will be quite cumbersome. Too bad we can't set our profiles private to just our circles or extended circle users. G+ is retiring user profiles set private. Sux0rs!
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