Google's Community Standard #FAIL

Twice now this week my Google profile has been suspended (this means, it's a dead URL to anyone searching for you on the Internet). First time, I can see that they're trying to push out people who are posing as business users from using the personal use version. I had to nix my "mktgurl" persona which I readily use just about anywhere I want a social, online presence. I hope all this name rearranging doesn't mucky up how my blogs are configured. Second time, I got suspended for using my real name. Really now, the usability of Google+ is poorly thought out. I mean really, mixed products users are getting bumped off the grid and are complaining about it. There's even a forum thread on Google Groups about people using real names and getting blocked.

[ To prove that I'm me I have to send them a link
where this name is me, or send them a copy of a photo ID. ]

[ This is what others see when your profile is suspended. ]
So far, Google+ has only communicated one thing about its new social media site...stay away and don't sign up because frankly, we don't believe that you're really who you say you are.
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