Ughly, all or nothing on Google+

At least you are able to select multiple contacts by dragging a select box with an input tool to a circle. I really don't want to see what the interface looks like for mobile Google+. First impressions are like this:
  • the UI is horrific
  • there is a linear path for sign-up after clicking on the invite (referral) email
You can either sign-up all the way and opt-in to everything that Google wants you to have public, or quit the process. Who thought that one up?

  • it's like the devs have taken the LiveJournal interface, made it worse, then opened up site privs to everyone on the web (which, thankfully can be configured for less Google-generated spam)
  • surely the FB flip-flopping on privacy issues could have made Google a better learned student on the matter, but no... Google wants everything public and searchable on the web whether you're a Google accounts user or not
  • this project should have died at inception or stayed in beta a lot longer
  • uhh, I like my privacy and you probably do
Like any site config page for notifications.. you could probably turn them all off unless you really love getting pinged by email alerts. Isn't that what an RSS feed is supposed to filter for you? 

Google devs, please leave my online personas alone. Obviously, I don't want my business "mktgurl" persona mixed with the food-oriented "mad scientist baker" persona. Don't just base them off of the funky "name" associated with the email account. Ugh, geez... it's like monkeys suddenly took over the dev of this app.
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