Gee thanks Amazon, I feel so unloved

If you've done business with or have aStore or affiliate links embedded in a blog or some other website, I'm sure you've read about the sales tax troubles Amazon was having with the state of Illinois and now with California. Granted I used to live in California when I signed up with the Amazon Associates program, but even when I changed my payee residence to Vancouver, WA where I live currently, I received the affiliate termination letter TWICE! Once for having a California address, and again for having a Vancouver, WA address. So, does this mean Amazon is unilaterally severing affiliate relationships with all other states, or just California? It's really unclear. 

I was just doing it for fun, mainly for the cooking blog so that readers could see a product shot of a particular cooking utensil or kitchenware that I used for making a particular recipe. Now it seems like it's just a wasted extra step to embed those links in, even though Amazon affiliates is an add-on within Blogger.
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