Google Fusion Tables

"When it comes to free data and transparency, the United States of America is one of the best." --Hans Rosling, TED Talks

In looking for fun things to do with Google, compared to similar services offered by Microsoft or Yahoo, I found that Google really doesn't invest its resources onto frivolous notions like 3rd party online games. Instead, Google seems to have everyone else beat in terms of web-based productivity tools. 

First launched in mid-2009, Google's Fusion Tables offers a means of geospatial data visualization and collaboration using public or private datasets. In its Example Gallery, the sample that caught my attention was the one done by WikiEdData about poverty in Washington state school districtsHere is a TED video of Hans Rosling using motion charts and speaking about a historical view of worldwide GDP, per capita income, and mortality rate.

Key features:
  • Longitude/Latitude supported by the decimal degree system (same as Google Maps)
  • Import CSV files up to 100MB
  • Fusion Tables API
  • Sharing and merging of tables
  • Images cannot be uploaded but can be displayed using a URL
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