New Year's Resolution(s)

Last year, my new year's resolution for this blog was to write at least one post a month. Apparently I need a more ambitious resolution this year. Now, I write more entries/month to my food blog than I do to this one because there's always something to write about: a new recipe, a mad scientist way to make something, wines and gourmet suppliers in the region, or an eatery that I happened to come across. Blogging about marketing concepts, business models, strategy, and domestic or global marketing campaigns still takes some thought and research.

The resolutions:
  • Write more than one entry per month, at a 1:4 ratio to the food blog
  • Investigate topics that provoke thinking rather than reacting to the latest buzz
The first half of this year, I'll been pondering about the world at large. Sure, a pretty big task on the scale of things. But I'm curious to find out why some retail companies thrived during the Great Recession and others, of more mainstream flavor, did not do so well. I hypothesize that it is a mix of how these products are brought to market, where raw materials are sourced and the global demand for them, and the distribution and delivery strategy used. Hopefully enough thought will shed light onto these random thoughts:
  • How the rising price of milk affects the increased demand of almond products
  • Why it costs a lot more money to be #2 in the market, than #1 or #4
  • The economic factors that encouraged Spain to win the World Cup and why the US will never win it (The last time we placed on the scoreboard, it was in 1930.)
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