Teamwork or Work Groups

There have been many observations that there's no "I" in team, and with mere syntax, this is correct. However, there are plenty of differences between Teams and Work Groups. Just because your department has a small group focused on a set of tasks or a product launch does not make you a team. I wouldn't assume that a dept manager is the same as a team leader. (Source)

Here's a simple breakdown between the two:

Work GroupsTeams
Individual accountabilityIndividual and mutual accountability
Come together to share information and perspectives Frequently come together for discussion, decision making, problem solving, and planning.
Focus on individual goalsFocus on team goals
Produce individual work productsProduce collective work products
Define individual roles, responsibilities, and tasksDefine individual roles, responsibilities, and tasks to help team do its work; often share and rotate them
Concern with one's own outcome and challengesConcern with outcomes of everyone and challenges the team faces
Purpose, goals, approach to work shaped by managerPurpose, goals, approach to work shaped by team leader with team members
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