Google: Instant = On = Fail

Google's search engine assumes that if lots of people are searching on a particular phrase, you must be too. Frankly, I dislike Instant results, and there's no way to rate or send feedback to Google about it.. ok, no easy built-into-the-site way. I dislike how the page is pre-configured for Instant to be On, and if you toggle it off, the page instantly purges your current search results causing you to retype your search query. I dislike how it tells me that I really should be looking for something else other than what I typed. And, it should already know (since it knows I'm doing a web search from the Portland metro area) that the closest match to the name should have brought up search hits for the dairy in Battle Ground, WA not, as it wanted me to look at as the first result, a dairy with an entirely DIFFERENT name in Las Vegas, NV. Arrrrgh.

To be fair, this is what Bing brought up as search results (yes, cookies were purged prior to this):

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