Disney market strategy

When is the last movie or tv series that Disney was able to create on their own that was a blockbuster success? Exclude anything made by Pixar because that doesn't really count as being Disney-created.

Marvel Comics is a great franchise for Disney to pick up as a licensed brand. $4 billion is chump change over the lifetime ownership of all the Marvel properties and titles that could become movies. Kudos to Stan Lee for selling his soul to Disney. Miyazaki did the same by selling the rights to his library to Disney. Let's face it, aside from the failing amusement parks, Disney has what Time Warner, Fox Media, and Sony Entertainment have.. a distribution network and a very captive audience who wants to buy anything with their stamp on it.

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p.s. Stan Lee does not own Marvel; but his name is synonymous with the Marvel brand. If you read comic books penned by him in the early 80s.
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