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Since Blogger / Blogspot are Google domain properties, the work for a blogger is fairly easy when it comes to getting indexed by Google's search bot. One would think that these sites are already optimized for this purpose. The real task is funneling the appropriate audience for the content that is being hosted or written about.

For this example I am using a recipe that I cross-posted to the LiveJournal Foodporn community site and to my own blog where I host the pictures of various cooking experiments. In my initial research into the recipe, I found that while most of the ingredient ratios were the same across Mexican and Latin American cultures, it was known by different names. Hence, the label tags that I used for identifying this recipe were: desserts:fruit, guava, pasteles de guayaba, pastelitos de guayaba y queso, pastry. In the body of the recipe, I have additional keywords: pastelitos de guayaba y queso, guava and cheese strudel.

The top 10 keyword sets (July 24-Aug 25, 2008) users typed into their search engine of choice (Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, or Dogpile) to get to this recipe page:

(click for larger image)

Now, I'd always thought of creating a recipes to match what people were looking for since there would be at least one user out there who might be looking for that recipe again. But, I'm really not sure how chipotlé and guava flavors really mingle together. They might work out quite well.

The marketing take-away: Know your audience. That's really the best way to market products, services, and informational content to prospective consumers and businesses.

In terms of SEO, all these keywords were the result of organic searches. Can the keyword phrases be purchased or used for AdSense? Certainly. TheFoodening site is as optimized as it's going to get with respect to Google site indexing. So what's next to boost traffic? More recipes based on keyword phrases that resulted in null content? More cross-posting of recipes to food and recipe sites to piggyback on search traffic? I suppose the real next step would be to select another recipe off my recipe experiment queue, do something creative with it, and post the results.

Related words:
guayaba = guava
queso = cheese
pastelitos = tarts, "pastries"
con = with
de = of/from
y = and

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