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I manage a few sites with varying degrees of slackerdom (what one does when not at work). Of the ones where I have embedded with Google Analytics code, I can see that the general audience would rather goof off than read content that's applicable to B2B/B2C marketing.

The Foodening, a food blog about cooking for one, making mistakes in the kitchen, and blathering about food. This site is advertised through my profiles on: LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Facebook,, and

Jul-Aug 2008 stats
visits: 150
absolute unique visits: 147
pageviews: 232
pages per visit: 1.55
avg time on site: 53 sec
bounce rate: 78%

Bounce rate is normal, after all, the posts are just recipes with kitchen notes. If you hit this site from an organic web search and don't find what you're looking for, would you stick around? Nearly all users come from the US, other countries that show up on the site usage report are Canada, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, S. Korea, Bahamas, Romania, and Taiwan.

Ramblings of a Marketing Gurl (this site), a personal blogging site about marketing. It is advertised on my profiles at: LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Facebook,, my portfolio website, and just about every potential employer that I've applied to. Goal conversions are setup for this site and I am primarily seeing if visitors hit my marketing portfolio; of course this doesn't always track that well since I give the direct url to my work samples and visitors aren't funneled in from the top index level. Majority of visitors are from the US, but there are people from the UK, India, Germany, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sweden and Venezuela who also visit. This site isn't indexed with Google's

Jul-Aug 2008 stats
visits: 27
absolute unique visits: 27
pageviews: 44
pages per visit: 1.63
avg time on site: 1 min, 22 sec
bounce rate: 62.96%

And, last of all, my personal/portfolio website on Googlepages. This site is not advertised at all, contains anti-spider code, isn't indexed on Google, and basically, the only visitors are those that I know personally whether by social group, networking, or job hunting. Why? I like my privacy even though I am on at least a half dozen personal and business social networking sites.

Jul-Aug 2008 stats
visits: 26
absolute unique visits: 17
pageviews: 90
pages per visit: 1.63
avg time on site: 4 min, 53 sec
bounce rate: 38.46%

Similar stats to my marketing blog? The two are usually packaged together. The biggest difference is average time on site where visitors are definitely spending a lot of time reading on my portfolio site. I've only recently discovered that my name isn't visible in large bold type on my personal/portfolio website nor on my marketing blog. Hmm, I shall have to fix that.
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