Budget, time, and effort

Marketing needs come in all sorts of flavors:

  • I'm a chiropractor working 12 hour days. When do I have time for marketing?
  • I'm a CPA and I can only take on clients within an X-radius driving distance.
  • I'm a licensed psychologist looking to get new customers in the [region] area.
  • I'm a writer for the entertainment industry and I have a script to pitch.
  • I'm a wellness health professional with a small retail storefront, what's the best way to attract new and retain old customers?
The way marketing has evolved with the digital landscape has made it easier than ever for small businesses and sole proprietorships to market their products or services to new, undefined customer segments.

Budget has always been a factor for the type(s) of marketing programs used to acquire or retain customers. The deeper the pockets, the better the program? Not necessarily so. You can always use a "no-frills", open source application to handle some of the marketing. You could use Microsoft Word to design a sales brochure in-house and either print it yourself or at a local printshop. A marketer can help you craft the right message and what to say that sells your services to a new customer.

People have to make the time to seek out marketing best practices for their industry and to utilize that knowledge that separates them from the competitors who attended the same seminar on how to market their business.

No one knows a business like the owner of a company. This is why
effort is a key factor for marketing success. If you're not working with an outside marketing consultant or have one in-house, you'll be doing all the marketing yourself in addition to everything else your company does. It takes an active understanding of what marketing tools are best for your line of business. The days of flat advertising in the "yellow book" are no longer relevant.

Here's a tip on competitive intelligence:

Find a company that's similar to your own and search for them with all the methods you know. Telephone book ad, online listing, local flyer/message board ad, or where they appear in a search query on your favorite search engine. What is it about their marketing message that caught your attention? If you were their customer, would you respond?

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