Update and clarifications - Email CAN-SPAM

Here's a cheer for all the consumers out there. *Yay!* Finally, it seems that someone has been reading all the FTC complaints and companies will have to comply if they are to stay compliant with these new proposed operating rules with regard to how a customer unsubscribes from a list. I'm sure at least one of these scenarios has happened to you when you tried to subscribe from that bacn list.

The new rule provisions address four topics:

(1) an e-mail recipient cannot be required to pay a fee, provide information other than his or her e-mail address and opt-out preferences, or take any steps other than sending a reply e-mail message or visiting a single Internet Web page to opt out of receiving future e-mail from a sender;

(2) the definition of “sender” was modified to make it easier to determine which of multiple parties advertising in a single e-mail message is responsible for complying with the Act’s opt-out requirements;

(3) a “sender” of commercial e-mail can include an accurately-registered post office box or private mailbox established under United States Postal Service regulations to satisfy the Act’s requirement that a commercial e-mail display a “valid physical postal address”; and

(4) a definition of the term “person” was added to clarify that CAN-SPAM’s obligations are not limited to natural persons.

More details -
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