Duck, duck, goose!

Another user on had posted a question to the Q&A section about what defines a top online marketer.. The following was my response:

What makes a person unique in the marketing industry is their approach to any given internet/online (or offline) situation. There aren't any set techniques or methodologies that would work for all industries or organizations.

I'd say that at the very least, the person would have to be..

a) already at the top of their field in the industry and an SME (subject matter expert)

b) a process owner that is held accountable for profits or market share growth

c) a social networker who knows the business and can evangelize any product or service offering

d) someone who embraces disruptive technology ("Any new technology that is significantly cheaper than current, and/or is much higher performing, and/or has greater functionality, and/or is more convenient to use.")

Attitude and perception have a lot to do with what separates out the top 3% from everyone else. Of course, many of these personable characteristics are qualitative features, and measuring those would be difficult out of context.

Most organizations tend to define a top marketer by quantitative stats only, e.g., how much revenue generated, increased domain territories, growth in ad revenues or site traffic, etc. It's easier to find job candidates that way, but they may think like a duck, act like a duck, quack like a duck, but they won't be able to evolve or adapt to the changing environment.

Agree? Disagree?
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