Hot gadget? No pun intended..

I was browsing the top 10 gadgets on MSN today and read this:

TurboChef Technologies' Speedcook oven will cook a 12-pound turkey in 42 minutes instead of four hours and will shave an hour off the time it takes to bake an apple-cranberry pie. In addition to its speedy performance, the oven's brightly colored doors--hues include red, orange and blue--set it apart in a sea of stainless-steel appliances. The 30-inch oven has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $7,495.

At first, I thought, hey that's great! Except, there's this similar product at a infinitismal fraction of the price...the Thane Flavorwave. It doesn't cook as fast, but it can roast a 12-lb frozen turkey in 2.5 hours.

These two products are for very different market segments. But, if you ever got around to read The Millionaire Next Door, you'd find out that prudent millionaires don't particularly have extravagant lifestyles.

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