Same company, new product

This company’s new product, the Fly Pentop computer is a lot like the LeapFrog learning system, except the learning guides are stored in cartridges you put into a Fly pen, and the unit is much smaller.

I may have been watching the Saturday morning cartoons when the Fly Unstuck ad aired. Their tv ads are on the website.

This company has good marketing. The product, website and marketing is geared entirely towards; and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are adults who are just as interested this product. I thought the product was launched very similar to how LeapFrog was launched. As it turns out, Fly is produced and marketed by LeapFrog, but it’s not apparent that Fly is a new product from LeapFrog.

For a language and learning tool, it is fairly priced. Although, like any tech gadget, there are a lot of accessories and games that you can buy. The pen only works with special Fly paper and you have to buy it all from LeapFrog. By the time you're done buying and upgrading your Pentop computer, you might as well have just bought a Dell home office pc. It'd be cheaper, faster, and already has more available for it.

It would be more appealing, if it weren’t so heavily reliant on special Fly paper that the pen needs to writes on. But, it is a very interesting concept.

More info about Fly.
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