Candied Woes

Caution is needed when ordering candy online. Our creative services dept had ordered watermelon lollipops. On the backside of the wrapper, there were printed black seeds. On the front was a sticker which read "Compliments of.."

After receiving an e-mail notice that read: "Don't eat the candy in the sales care package, we've encountered a problem with it," an uproar of laughter came from our creative services area.

Ants, it seemed, cleverly disguised themselves as watermelon seeds and managed to adhere themselves to the candy on the inside of the wrapper. Because they were behind the pre-printed watermelon seeds no one noticed they were there.

In some countries this would be seen as a delicacy.

The vendor we used is called Lollies Galore. Candied ants might be good for say.. Halloween, but probably not for customers or salespeople.
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