Pay for Pixels

Have you been approached by an SEO expert pitching this: Hello, we have a great offer today for exclusive ad positioning with our partner sites. You get to pay for dots!

Fortunately, I have not.

I read an absurd article in DM News about pixel advertising; then I did a search on it and found PPC sites selling pixel ad space from $0.05 to $1.00 per pixel. How dumb do advertisers think people are? For those of you unfamiliar with computers or pixels for that matter, pixels are the smallest unit in a graphical image, typically a single dot by most definitions.

Let's say that the average webpage has the dimensions to fit a 1024 x 768 screen, without requiring its users to use the arrow keys to scroll off the page to view more content. Theoretically you can make your webpages as long as you want, provided that you paid for enough bandwidth for that information to be sent from your web server to a user's screen. Unfortunately, the more traffic your site receives, the more you'll have to pay for bandwidth usage unless you host your own web server.

A problem with this new fad is that many of these new pixel ad websites have a graph paper display of squares with the bought pixels displayed as text advertising. Bloody useless. No content. Why bother putting up ad space if there is no content? It's another outcropping of link farming, only worse, people are paying for it. You might as well put up a sign in the desert saying "Eat Here" when there're no restaurants around for hundreds of miles.
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